Digital Marketing Made Simple


If you don't know where to start or cant understand why Digital is not working then this is for you.

Avoid the frustration of losing money on ineffective digital marketing.

Stop overthinking it.

Digital Marketing Made simple is the culmination of years of experience in digital marketing and digital coaching to help companies find their way in digital.

With over 15 years experience in training companies on how to grow their audience and convert that traffic into business using digital marketing. We have simplified the complexity and would like to invite you to enjoy the course.

Doing the digital foundation phase will clear up any confusion and help you achieve those numbers you know you should be able to reach.

In just one year, our clients have seen their businesses grow by as much as 30%. And it doesn’t stop there - they continue to see growth month after month. You can do this too with the right tools and strategies at your disposal. Let us show you how easy it is! Sign up today for a free consultation call so we can get started on building a strategy that works best for your business needs.

What you Get in 7 lessons

  1. A clear understanding of where to start, what to check to see why it's not working.

  2. A FaceBook guide and details of how to work with FaceBook and build an audience.

  3. guidance on your Twitter set up and what to do on twitter and what not to do.

  4. How to write a good blog and some blog hacks

  5. Paid media for beginners - getting results in 24hours

  6. Email marketing - how to build a list and how to keep it warm (and how to build one.)

  7. Finding your tribe - Who are you talking to? Who do you want to talk to? Are you talking to the right people?

Use the "what do you think you sell " image to see if

  1. have you got your goals set

  2. are you using the correct language

  3. do you know your competition

  4. have you looked at your on page SEO

  5. have you got your site map

  6. are you tracking with google analytics- the correct information

  7. are you sharing content that has value?

By asking yourself the the question in the middle

Are you famous -? No because you need help growing

What do you think you sell - thats easy its your product

Trick question

What do the world think you sell - that is the key you need and you only get that answer from your clients.

What our students say.

Sean Randell. Red Door Training

"Kenneth is knowledgeable and articulate how digital platforms can generate interest and revenue. He is consultative and asks powerful questions to understand needs and wants. He has a friendly approach and gets you thinking. I recommend Kenneth, and I am pleased to have made your acquaintance."

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Digital Marketing made simple!

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Digital Marketing Made Simple

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